Halo 2 Game Review

A concise review of Halo 2’s impact and reputation across platforms and time.

Project Description:

Halo 2 is widely praised by critics and players as a masterful sequel and one of the best entries within the Halo franchise. When Halo 2 originally released on November 9th, 2004, it quickly gathered acclaim for its exciting campaign and extensive multiplayer modes. Each element of Halo 2 contributed to a rich player experience including its strong voice acting, compelling cutscenes, diverse level design, and carefully crafted score which is consistently laud as the best soundtrack in the entire series by fans. Whether playing the original release on console, the ported pc edition, or the anniversary edition in the Halo: Master Chief Collection, Halo 2 is worth playing through.

This piece was written with several constraints that heavily dictated how I wrote my review. First, I needed to gather a wide range of reviews from reputable authorities who regularly review games to research the game review genre and collect foundational information for my piece. Second, I needed to incorporate a counter argument into my review to provide a nuanced review of Halo 2. Finally, I had to fit my entire review into 500 words or less. Creating this review necessitated thoughtful, concise writing and robust editing to successfully comply with each constraint on this review.

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November 2020


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