Copywriting / Multimedia Design

WSU Vancouver Student Ambassador Icebreaker Anthology

A comprehensive technical document that was completely recreated to establish consistency across entries, cohesion throughout the document, and provide a complete set of instructions for 44 unique icebreakers.

Project Description:

The Student Ambassador Team uses icebreakers during summer training, ROAR New Student Orientations, and other events on campus. An informal list of favorites emerged over the years, but nothing was written down until the creation of the Ice Breaker Binder which appears to originate in 2016. Student Ambassadors haphazardly added printed pages to a physical binder without retaining working files, version documentation, or any sense of cohesion.

I completely re-vamped the document from the ground up, preserving as much information as I could, while also creating room for future additions. I rewrote each entry in the anthology, conducted usability testing, organized the icebreakers into categories, created new graphics, designed new covers and section headers, added a table of contents, and developed a style guide to compliment the project. Two versions of the document were ultimately created to accommodate client software constraints and allow for functionality across digital and print mediums. This project was an enormous undertaking, but it is heralded as the ideal document to emulate by employees working at all levels of Student Affairs across multiple universities.

Project Info


Copywriter, Editor, Document Designer, Graphic Designer


August 2020 - December 2020


Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat DC; Microsoft 365 Word, Outlook, Excel, and Teams; Zoom

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