Copywriting / Digital Storytelling

Losing Light

Game Design Document and pitch presentation for a virtual reality game that would allow sighted individuals to partially experience navigating life as though they were legally blind.

Project Description:

To the average person, living with visual impairment is an abstract concept. Virtual Reality technology can provide sighted individuals the ability to understand how living with low vision or blindness impacts your ability to interact with a world which is not designed for equal access. Losing Light is a revolutionary answer to the call for increased advocacy and awareness for legally blind individuals.

For this collaborative project I worked in a team of four to compile assets, format our main documentation, provide significant copywriting and editing across pitch materials, format our presentation, and maintain our internal production schedule.


Grace Rouleau, Remi Ostermiller, Quinn Tran

Project Info


Writer, Editor, Researcher, Document Designer, Project Coordinator


April 2020


Microsoft Office 365 Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneDrive; Adobe Acrobat DC, Discord, Zoom

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